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Tom Hornbeck

Don Miller
Irvin has been with The Mulch Company of Kentucky "going on 20 seasons" and is well known by most of the customers. Irvin does most anything that needs to be done, but operating the Bobcat seems to be where his artistic talent really comes alive.

                    We are saddened at the loss of the "Best Employee                                Ever", and the best of friends. Irvin we miss you!

Tom and his staff have over 50 years experience.

It's easier than you think to achieve the perfect decor for your landscaping. 

Mulch and rock can be the flux that binds your lawn and landscaping to your home to create great curb appeal. Hardly nothing is more relaxing that looking over your lawn and feeling a sense of accomplishment and 
satisfaction of a job well done. Making the right choice is the difference between frustration and peace of mind. That's where we can help, it's not just a purchase, it's your lifestyle you're considering.  
              ‚ÄčIrvin Maddox

   2/22/1931 - 9/25/2017

The owner, Tom Hornbeck, graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in agriculture which has served him well in the mulch and rock industry. Tom can help you accomplish just about anything you want to achieve in creating a sound soil structure in your yard landscaping and garden. Tom also provides informative advice on care and upkeep of your landscape oasis. 

Don has been with the company 10 years and contributes in all areas of the business including sales and delivery, plus he makes sure the equipment runs smoothly.  

The Mulch Company of Kentucky has been serving Louisville and the surrounding counties for over 20 years.

We take pride in having quality products at the right price and making sure our customers are getting what they want and need to complete their project. Helping our customers find the right landscaping material is what we do!

When you are deciding on your landscaping project, whether it's starting new or just needing a little maintenance, you will probably have several questions as to what would look best with your home and what would work overall in your landscaping and life style. Our staff can listen to your concerns and help you work through what seems to be confusing choices.  That's just one reason to call The Mulch Company of Kentucky, LLC.