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For plants to get the most benefits of mulching, spread it about 2" deep. This depth allows the soil to aerate and allows moisture to seep down to the roots of your plants. 

Organic Mulch

Organic mulch is made from the bark and/or the hardwood of trees. Organic mulch has many benefits:

  • Prevents water loss in summer
  • Reduces the growth of weeds
  • Improves soil conditions
  • Bark mulch addsnutrients to plants
  • Adds to the beauty of your landscaping
  • Helps plants produce more roots
  • Protects against temperature extremes

And,  this is just a few of the benefits you gain by using mulch in your landscaping!

The Mulch Company of Kentucky, Llc Bulk And Bag Mulch

Pictured above are three different types of bark.