The Mulch Co. of KY

4800 Summit Drive

Louisville, KY 40229

Check under CONTACT for map.

Open 7 Days a Week

Monday - Friday 8:00-5:00

Saturday 8:00-4:00

Sunday 10:00-2:00


Rainbow Rock

River Slicks

Gold Nuggets

​Royal Gorge Boulders

Pea Gravel

Red Lava Boulders

Gravel, 57's, #9's, Dense Grade, Lime Dust, Sand                                                                 Pictures will be available soon.

​Kewanne Skippers

Arkansas White

Canadian White Marble

Chocolate Chip

Sponge Rock

Desert Rose

Red Lava Rock

Red Rock

Feather Rock

Mayland Black

Alabama Sunset

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The Mulch Company of Kentucky, LLC bulk and bag mulch

River Rock

Mixed Lava

Jumbo Slate

​Black Obsidian